Lecture Schedule: Embryo Physics Course

Lectures are held most Wednesdays 2-3pm Pacific Time as shown on the Second Life® Viewer clock in the virtual world Second Life® (http://secondlife.com). You can get there via:


See our F.A.Q. for instructions on how to participate.

We plan to resume lectures at the beginning of 2016, following the Wayne State University Academic Calendar and offering graduate credit:


Please see http://embryogenesisexplained.com/wsu for Wayne State University course details.

Everyone should come in well before class if they are new or rusty at Second Life®, or are using different equipment. Each sound adjustment has to be done individually for each computer, takes 15-30 minutes, and cannot be done during a lecture. One or more of the course organizers will try to be in Second Life® an hour before class starts. You can also ask one of us to schedule an individual lesson or test at other times.

Course organizers:

Richard Gordon DickGordonCan@gmail.com

Stephen A. Krawetz steve@compbio.med.wayne.edu

Lu Kai lukai83@gmail.com

Evgenii Rudnyi evgenii@rudnyi.ru